Trudeau visits Bromont

Trudeau visits Bromont
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds the floor with Brome-Missisquoi MP Pascale St. Onge looking on in approval over his right shoulder (Photo : William Crooks)

Federal government announces near $60 million investment into semiconductor initiatives

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in Bromont on April 26 a federal investment of $59.9 million to bolster IBM Canada and the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) in their semiconductor initiatives. This funding is part of a larger scheme with a total value of $226.5 million aimed at enhancing Canada’s role in the high-tech sector, specifically in quantum technologies and semiconductor production.

“Today’s announcement has a strategic importance,” said Trudeau to reporters surrounded by high tech machinery on IBM Bromont’s factory floor.

“These microchips are at the basis of everything. We have them in our computers and our telephones and in our medical equipment.

“The way that we assemble chips, how they’re laid out and how they’re organized, is quite essential for the proper operation of these advanced technologies, and the research and development conducted here is an essential element.”

The investment is anticipated to bring significant economic growth to Quebec and create over 280 new skilled jobs in the Bromont region, while also offering up to 240 co-op positions to foster the next generation of innovators in semiconductor packaging and quantum technologies, according to an April 26 press release.

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