Tuesday’s storm claimed trees, power

By Cassie MacDonell, Local Journalism Initiative
Tuesday’s storm claimed trees, power
To the upset of staff and campers who consider it a landmark, Tuesday’s storm claimed a large tree on the sandy area of Hatley’s Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre. (Photo : Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre Facebook)

Late Tuesday afternoon, quite the thunderstorm passed through the Eastern Townships, knocking down trees and power lines in its path.

Hatley’s Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre was one of the areas the storm affected, claiming a large tree on the sand that many consider a landmark. “A lot of memories there. It was very sad to see that go,” said Brian Wharry, Director of the Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre in a phone interview. Many former campers turned to Facebook to reminisce about memories made around the tree, referencing the landmark as a beacon to guide campers back to the beach. “The tree has been there probably for more than a hundred years,” he said. Besides the trees, Quebec Lodge did not have any damage to any structures.
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