Turning anger to action Laurent commission delivers its final report

By Gordon Lambie
Turning anger to action Laurent commission delivers its final report
Regine Laurent, President of the Laurent Commission, holds up her final report into Children’s Rights and Youth Protection during a news conference in Montreal, Monday, May 3, 2021. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

Quebec’s special commission on children’s’ rights and youth protection, also known as the Laurent Commission, delivered its final report on Monday in Montreal. Created after nearly two years of consultation with people involved in different levels of the youth protection system, the more than 500 page document outlines an extensive series of observations and recommendations aimed at overhauling the province’s youth protection system and improving the wellbeing of children across all levels of Quebec society.
“Particular attention needs to be paid to the conditions in which families live and the ability of the society to support them,” said commission President Régine Laurent during her presentation as she outlined, in brief, the changes that she and her fellow commissioners fell are necessary in the province.
Laurent stressed the vital importance of shifting society’s outlook on youth protection from one that responds to crisis to one built around prevention and support.

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