‘U-Pick’ season is in full swing!

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‘U-Pick’ season is in full swing!
Estrie fruit and vegetable growers have pooled their efforts to encourage pick-it-yourself harvesting as local produce begins to mature. (Photo : (Créateurs de saveurs Cantons-de-l'Est))

Record Staff

The summer season is well on its way and it’s now time to enjoy the fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the region. Some 36 producers from across the Eastern Townships are inviting families to share the experience of ‘U-Pick’ harvesting. This year, the harvest promises to be remarkable as the July heat wave allowed crops to catch up late in the season. Varieties such as strawberries are blueberries are one to two weeks ahead of their usual maturity date. Apple-picking season, which will begin in mid-August, is also exceptional, with juicy fruit of good quality. See full story in the Wednesday, August 8 edition of The Record.

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