Uplands gallery highlights recent works

Uplands gallery highlights recent works
Alan Gerrish and Sara Peck Colby at the vernissage (Photo : Aiden Wilson)

By Aiden Wilson
Special to The Record

This past weekend marked the opening of the recent works exhibit at Uplands Cultural and Heritage Center for artists Sara Peck Colby and Alan Gerrish. The painter and the potter came together for the event to showcase their latest creations.
The exhibit, organized by Exhibitions Coordinator Dinah Duffield, will be going on from June 26 to August 21 featuring dozens of works from both artists; with everything for sale.
For Gerrish, the gallery marks his first exhibit in 25 years following his re-entry into the field of pottery.
Known in the region for his outstanding work in hand-carved signage, he’s once again taken on the clay after a 30-year hiatus spent exploring other art forms.
“About a year ago, Marcella and Caitlyn came home with a potter’s wheel and some clay,” he said, sharing that he was inspired to return to the medium because of his family. “I got back on and went ‘hey I still remember this!’”
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