Val-Saint-François ­setting up new ways to recycle glass

By Gordon Lambie


Residents in the Val-Saint-François MRC can now recycle glass more effectively thanks to the installation of five new specialized containers in locations across the region. Glass jars and bottles of any size or colour can be dropped off, without lids or covers, in any one of the new locations for recycling by 2M Ressources, a company based out of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
“My elected colleagues and I are very enthusiastic about this project,” said Luc Cayer, Prefect of the Val-Saint-François MRC in a press release earlier this week. “We hope to now be able to better recycle our glass.”
The new containers were purchased through an investment of $60,000 on the part of the MRC, but they follow on the heels of similar programs already established in the municipalities of Saint-Denis-de-Brompton and Racine, as well as a container that was already in place at the Melbourne Ecocentre. The Racine-based group, Opération Verre-Vert, has been advocating for adequate glass recycling tools in the region for years based on the argument that although glass recycling has been promoted as possible through municipal bins, the majority of glass recycled in that way ends up unusable and contaminated before it ever gets to a useful stage.


See full story in August 7 edition of The Record

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