Valcourt erects statue in honour of former mayor

Valcourt erects statue in honour of former mayor
Local artist Andrée Marcoux beside the sculpture she created to honour former Valcourt Mayor Camille Rouillard. (Photo : Vicky Bombardier)

Record Staff

The town of Valcourt has installed a sculpture, created by local artist Andrée Marcoux, in honour of its former mayor in Camille Rouillard Park.
According to a press release, the sculpture represents the character of Camille Rouillard, a veterinarian and former town mayor who gave 26 years of his life to municipal politics. He helped carry out several major projects in Valcourt.
He implemented the water and sewage system, and renamed the municipality of Valcourt to the town of Valcourt in 1974. The town’s municipal council felt that the park needed something new to represent Rouillard’s influence on Valcourt.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of his death. The council had also asked the town’s residents to get involved in a brick mosaic. It gave people an opportunity to leaver their own mark on the town, much like Rouillard did before them.
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