Valérie Whissel says “ITs Ok” to be you

By Gordon Lambie
Valérie Whissel says “ITs Ok” to be you

The red brick building on the southwest corner of Frontenac and Dufferin streets in Sherbrooke is nothing special to look at, but over the summer it became host to a little ray of sunshine. Unassuming and easy to walk by if one is not looking carefully, the small rainbow-coloured square of vinyl was stuck to a metal panel on the Frontenac side of the building, emblazoned with a simple message: “ITs OK.”

The spot on Frontenac is just one of several places in Sherbrooke that a careful observer can spot the “Its OK” message; a product of one woman’s mission to brighten the world around her.

“Basically the ITs Ok Project is about spreading positive messages in peoples’ lives,” said project creator Valérie Whissel. “It’s like I’m planting seeds of love for whoever is ready to receive them; if I put one sticker out there and it helps one person, then that makes it all worthwhile.”

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