Vallières calls Wales Home offer a “big win” for the English Community

By Gordon Lambie

Things are looking good for the Wales Home’s long term care facility after Quebec’s Ministry of Health offered, Monday night, to subsidize all of the 85 beds currently in existence for $5.6 million per year.

“I think that’s a big win for the English community,” said Karine Vallières, Richmond’s Member of the National Assembly (MNA), who has been working to support the home’s fight for government funding for the last two years. “It’s surely a big win for me as MNA.”

“It’s still surreal,” said Brendalee Piironen, Executive Director of the home, on Tuesday. “It provides us with a permanent solution and would be equity for our residents as well as our employees.”

Piironen did not speak in depth about the new offer, explaining that not all board members have yet had the chance to review the information in detail, but said that she feels very good about the situation in general.

“We’re meeting with the board on Friday, but it’s very positive,” the Executive Director said. “I can’t foresee any obstacles in the way. If the board approves then we will sign the documents.”

Read the full article in the Record on Wednesday, July 12

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