Viewpoint pedestrians and cyclists feeling cut off

Viewpoint pedestrians and cyclists feeling cut off
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

By Gordon Lambie

Jean-Claude Bégin wants to know how he and his neighbours are supposed to bike into town.
Bégin, who lives in Lennoxville’s Viewpoint neighbourhood about four kilometres from the centre of the borough says he is one of many in the area who like to bike or walk from home into the community throughout the year and used to do so by means of Glenday Road. Since the completion of Highway 410, however, that route has technically become a highway access ramp, making it illegal to use for cyclists and pedestrians.
“I tried to walk it in December and was stopped by the police,” he said, sharing that he has been told by both the Sherbrooke Police and the Sûreté du Québec that the only alternative is a 11.4 km detour through Huntingville.
Begin took his concerns to the Lennoxville Borough Council last week along with a petition signed by 47 of the other people living in the neighbourhood, but said that he would be taking the matter on to the Sherbrooke council directly, Monday night, because he felt like the reach of the borough council was too limited.
“I would like to have more signatures, but it is the last meeting before the council ends for the election,” he said, adding that he would really like the councillors and candidates up for election to take a position on the matter.
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