Visiting artist weaves memories through Sutton

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

After finding out that there used to be a textile factory in the town of Sutton called Filtex that was soon to be demolished, artist Patsy Van Roost knew she had to put something together to remember it.
“I’m not an expert on the factory, I just love thread and when I found out that there used to be a huge thread factory in Sutton, and that it will be demolished very soon, I just had to do something!”
Van Roost is currently wrapping a two-week artist residency at D’Arts et de rêves in Sutton. She came from Montreal to do an art project that involved collecting the personal memories of those who live in the area. She got into contact with people through the Facebook page Ami Sutton and met up with different individuals willing to share their stories. “I had never been to Sutton before and I didn’t know a single person. My project was to come to a place where I know no one and meet them through an art project,” Van Roost said. “People contact me by appointment, we meet, they tell me their story and together we shorten it to one sentence that starts with LÀ OÙ or WHERE. I then fabricate the sentence with pipe cleaners and go install it where the souvenir originally happened.” See full story in the Tuesday, July 30 edition of The Record.

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