Volunteer centre purchases St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Mansonville

By Mable Hastings
Volunteer centre purchases St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Mansonville

In February 2022, the Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre (CABMN) located in Potton, a non-profit charitable organization celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, purchased St. Paul’s Anglican Church located at 309 Principale in Mansonville. The hall portion adjacent to the church will be used to house the CABMN Senior Services with the official name of the location now the “Centre La plume au vent” Senior Centre (a nod to CABMN senior service animator, Angelle Laplume who has been working with seniors in the area for over 25 years).

Thanks to the kindness of the Anglican Church Diocese and the local Anglican church congregation as well as the generosity of a private donor, the non-profit organization was able to purchase the building outright. The challenge will now be finding subsidies and support to do some of the many needed renovations to both the “hall” portion and the church building itself.

Recently the CABMN was informed that it had been granted a New Horizons subsidy through the Federal Government and this will allow for the installation of new windows and doors in the entire hall. It is hoped that money will be found for insulating and repairing the floor of the hall space as well as expanding on the bathroom to assure that it is handicapped accessible to accommodate the needs of the senior population. There are a few other immediate improvements that must be made to assure lower heating costs and comfort for the senior clientele. Use of the Church building itself will be determined by the CABMN Board of directors in the coming months.
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