Wales Home remaining positive despite staff COVID cases

By Gordon Lambie
Wales Home remaining positive despite staff COVID cases

After what may or may not have been a close call earlier this month, Wales Home Executive Director Brendalee Piironen says that there have now been three more employees in the Norton long term care section who have received positive test results for COVID-19, one of whom may have been contagious without symptoms while working over the weekend. To date no residents have tested positive and the director said that strict measures and crossed fingers remain in place.
“Public health has told us the risk of transmission is low, but zero risk doesn’t exist,” Piironen told The Record Wednesday, explaining that the reassurance from the public health department comes in light of the fact that the more restrictive measures put in place after the initial positive result on Dec. 4 were kept up as a precaution while the rest of the staff and residents were tested.

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