Wales Home shows off new independent living complex, celebrates CHSLD transition

Wales Home shows off new independent living complex, celebrates CHSLD transition

By Matthew McCully

Local Journalism Initiative


It was a big week for the Wales home.

The care facility held an open house on Thursday afternoon for its new independent living complex, The Ross, and also announced that it has been selected as one of five CHSLDs (long-term care homes) in the province to now be subsidized by the provincial government.

By 2025, all 30 CHSLDs in the province will follow suit.

Wales Home Executive Director Brendalee Piironen explained to The Record that the transition is a positive one, and other than an improvement in staffing, residents won’t notice a difference.

“There will be no more private CHSLDs after what happened at the Herron. It’s done,” Piironen said. “We always have to look at things, you know, when there’s something negative, you’ve got to see a positive out of it, and for health care on the whole, this is really a positive thing for CHSLDs.”

So, what does it mean?

For starters, this new agreement is exclusive to the CHSLD section of Wales Home and will have no impact whatsoever on other services or departments of the home.

“We maintain our status of being private, it really doesn’t change anything,” Piironen said. “The perks it brings to us of being a ‘privéconventionné’, is we get to benefit from the programs,” she explained, like the oral health program.

There was a lot of work to be done, Piironen added, because Wales Home is a unique facility.

“I believe we’re the only CHSLD that’s in an RPA,” she said, which meant a lot needed to be done to determine how funding would be allotted to the home.

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