Waterloo Elementary considers offering Secondary 1

By Matthew McCully
Waterloo Elementary considers offering  Secondary 1

The Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB) modified the deed of establishment at Waterloo Elementary School to include Secondary 1 during last week’s council of commissioners meeting after a request was made to explore the possibility.
According to the board, the deadline for ETSB deeds of establishment was coming up soon, so the modification was a just in case measure while Waterloo parents and staff and the board consider making Secondary 1 available at the school.
The resolution prompted a discussion among the commissioners. “I question where this might lead us,” one commissioner said, pointing to the hard work done by high schools to create a positive learning environment for Secondary 1 students, and wondering if there were a double standard between the schools of eastern and western sectors of the ETSB. “It’s a concern that should be looked at,” the commissioner added.

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