Waterloo Elementary is in hot water

By Matthew McCully
Waterloo Elementary is in hot water

Never mind the recent flooding at Waterloo Elementary School (WES) caused by burst pipes. A vocal group of parents attended Tuesday evening’s Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB) council of commissioners meeting to criticize the quality of education and environment provided for their children at the school. And they are placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of the principal.

Unrest at the school is not new.

The clash between a number of WES parents and the administration dates back to March, 2021, when a joint letter was sent to the board highlighting complaints related to organizational issues and a lack of communication from the principal. A meeting was organized with parents and the board, but during a June, 2021 ETSB meeting, the parent group said they felt unheard and that their kids didn’t matter to the board.

Subsequent efforts on behalf of the board to improve the situation at the school held no sway.

In November, 2021, parents, staff and students from WES confronted the board about the transfer of teacher Timothy Croteau out of the school. The board defended the decision, saying the transfer was done in an effort to improve the general atmosphere at the staff level at WES. The consensus among parents at the November meeting was that ‘Mr. C’ wasn’t the problem, suggesting it was the principal, Adriana Lyons, who should go.

Well, in a way, Mr. C is now back, one of three teachers recently hired by the parents’ group as part of a private after-school tutoring program to help Grade 6 students at WES make up their academic shortfalls and prepare for high school.

And the campaign to oust Lyons continues.
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