Waterville wants to welcome Suzuki

By Gordon Lambie

The Demain Waterville movement is one of ten finalists in the David Suzuki Foundation’s Prix Action David Suzuki, a Quebec-specific competition supporting community-driven, ecology-based projects. The winner of the competition, determined by means of online votes, is awarded $3,000 and a visit from Canadian environmental activist, academic, and broadcaster David Suzuki.

Dating back to June of this year, the movement is made up of a group of Waterville residents who now number close to 300 who want to try to make their community a better place. The initiative traces its roots back to a small gathering of locals who came together after watching the French documentary film Demain and started looking for concrete actions they could take to improve the world around them.

“Instead of being a film that presents us with a future of environmental catastrophe, they present us solutions throughout the world that are focused on five themes, education, democracy, food, energy management, and transportation,” explained Josianne Arès, a member of the Demain Waterville Liaison Committee. “The film Demain presents different solutions that are accessible to the majority of people. The idea is that we, too, can do something.”

Read the full story in Tuesday’s Record.

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