“We certainly didn’t plan for this”- but here they are!

“We certainly didn’t plan for this”-   but here they are!
(Photo : Courtesy of Mark Fekete)

By Marianne Lassonde
Special to The Record

It has been almost a year since Café SOKO changed its business model from a coworking space to a coffee shop – and the owners are the first to admit the road has been “bumpy” ever since.
Originally pitched as a pay-as-you-go business model for renting office spaces, Café SOKO underwent severe changes only a few weeks after their opening in July. Largely influenced by the ever-changing public health guidelines preventing large indoor gatherings – a key part of their business model – Mark Fekete and his wife had to think on their feet to prevent going under.

“We said, we have all the equipment [to make coffee], why don’t we go 100 per cent coffee shop?” explained Fekete. “It was terrifying but we put our heads down and we went for it.”

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