We need to talk about the giant cow

By Gordon Lambie
We need to talk about the giant cow
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

There are certain basic human drives that are common to the vast majority of people regardless of where they come from. One would be hard-pressed to find someone who is not compelled to eat, sleep, and breathe, for example, along with various other things that keep humanity alive and kicking. Then, there is the compulsion to build giant versions of just about anything along the side of the road. In Ontario one can visit the Big Apple and the Big Nickel. New Brunswick is home to the world’s largest axe and the world’s largest lobster. In Saint-Georges-de Windsor, there is a great big cow.
The Halte des Horizons is located about 18 kilometers northeast of Windsor on Route 249, popping up on the left side of the road just before one gets to Saint-Georges itself and, well, it stands out. Piled at the highest point of a hill is a collection of boulders, painted in black and white, with a large metal cow’s head sticking out towards the road. On the cow’s “back” is a platform and some stairs, allowing visitors to climb up and have a look around. Although up close the whole thing mostly looks like a pile of painted rocks, from a distance one has the impression that a massive cow has lain down atop this hill for a rest. See full story in the Friday, May 17 edition of The Record.

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