Weedon ­advocacy group ­declared ­mission ­accomplished

By Gordon Lambie
Weedon ­advocacy group ­declared ­mission ­accomplished

The Comité de citoyens pour la survie du CLSC et du CHSLD de Weedon, the citizens advocacy group formed in Weedon in 2013 as a result of concerns about the merging of two local healthcare facilities, has declared its mission officially over. In an open letter published on Sunday, committee spokesperson Claude-Gilles Gagné called the work of advocating for the survival of the two facilities well and truly finished.
“After nearly four years of struggle, the people and common sense have won out over the stubbornness and persistence of a deliberately deaf and blind administration,” Gagné wrote. “Thanks to the tenacity of many volunteers and the perseverance of the people who refused to give in, we have kept our two institutions intact.”
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