Welcome to the Pam Bertram Library

Welcome to the Pam Bertram Library
Lennoxville Elementary recognizes long-time volunteer

By Matthew McCully


On Thursday afternoon the library at Lennoxville Elementary School (LES) was bustling with action and laughter as staff and colleagues gathered for a lively party to celebrate the retirement of Pam Bertram after 45 years of volunteering at the school and recognize her hard work by naming the library after her.

Now, Bertram was quick to correct, “It was 43 years,” she said, as she arrived at the party.

“Well, we rounded up,” replied former colleague Jackie Lougheed.

Suffice it to say Bertram’s organization and attention to detail during her time at the library kept things running smoothly, even in her absence when the pandemic was declared.

“Who would have thought it would take Covid to get me out,” Bertram laughed.

Rather than cut to the chase, snap a pic and then head to the snacks table, some former LES teachers had other plans to celebrate Bertram during the retirement party.

They opted for a “Trivial Pursuit of Pam Bertram” skit, partly to stretch their improve skills, and partly to find subtle ways to acknowledge Bertram’s mammoth contribution to the school and library without putting her on the spot.

By all accounts, Bertram would just as soon move on to her next good deed than take any credit for her work.


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