Well-known artist, filmmaker Gerald Potterton dies at 91

By Matthew McCully
Well-known artist, filmmaker Gerald Potterton dies at 91
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Described as a man of many talents, Brome Lake writer, director, producer, animator, cartoonist, actor and three-time Academy Award nominee Gerald Potterton passed away on Tuesday, Aug. 23.
Best known for directing the animated cult classic Heavy Metal, the British-Canadian artist, who moved to Canada in 1954 at the age of 23, had an illustrious career in film spending time with the National Film Board, and also working on The Beatles’ film Yellow Submarine, as well as a children’s television show about the environment called The Smoggies, produced in French and English between 1989-91.
In a 2019 interview, Potterton said he was working on a children’s book called The Ski-Doo Man, about the life of Joseph Armand Bombardier.
Around that same time, he also contacted the newspaper, offering up a cartoon strip he had started about an amusing relationship between a whale and a bird, Mobe and Dick.
The Festival du cinéma de Knowlton, currently underway, had already planned to honour the local filmmaker this year, and screen some of his films.
That tribute will continue as planned, offering locals the opportunity to gather and celebrate the memory of Potterton and enjoy his work.
The event will take place at Theatre Lac-Brome at 2 p.m.
Anyone interested in attending should reserve tickets here: https://festivalcinemaknowlton.ca/en/movie/the-rainbow-boys/
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