Wellington “living lab” project a fundraising success

By Gordon Lambie
Wellington “living lab” project a fundraising success
Le Tremplin Director Francis Poulin on Wellington Street South (Photo : Gabriel Blanchard)

Sherbrooke’s Le Tremplin 16-30 youth support centre announced on Monday that their “Mon Centro, Une communauté vivante” project managed to surpass its original $10,000 fundraising goal, netting a total of $28,550 for the mission of encouraging youth involvement in the revitalization of the city’s downtown core. Raised through the La Ruche crowdfunding platform, the support is a mix of individual community donations and larger contributions promised by partner organizations once the initial goal is met.
According to Francis Poulin, Director of Le Tremplin, the funds raised will be put towards the creation of seven “living lab” initiatives tied to downtown revitalization projects.
Anyone looking to support the project or participate in it is encouraged to contact project leader Milène Richer, who can be reached by phone at 819-565-4141, extension 105 or by email at artsocial@tremplin16-30.com.

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