What’s 25 in cat years?

What’s 25 in cat years?

Black Cat Books to celebrate its 25th anniversary


By William Crooks


Black Cat Books, a new and used bookstore in Lennoxville, is celebrating its 25th anniversary Nov. 4. Skill-testing activities (with prizes!) will be held all day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“More geared towards the kids”, owner Anne-Marie Bailey explained, will be a contest to see who can accurately count all the cats hidden around the store. The winners’ names will be put into a hat, and the person chosen will likely receive a cat-themed book, she said.

Furthermore, anyone who buys something will roll a die, the number on which will determine what additional prize they walk away with. Finally, there will be “blind date” books (gift-wrapped books that remain a mystery until opened), the proceeds of which will go to a yet-to-be-determined charity

The new website is “at a standstill for the moment”. Bailey is working on it, but it has been “moved to the backburner”.

Donations have been slowing down a bit leading up to the holiday season. Bailey asks to be contacted first before anyone brings anything in, so she can make sure she has room for them. The store does not accept magazines like, for instance, National Geographic. Anything she does not keep she passes on.

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