What’s in a name? My Take by Michael Boriero

When I moved to the Eastern Townships I genuinely didn’t know Asbestos even existed. And, of course, I mean the Quebec municipality that recently voted for a new name.
If you Google Asbestos you don’t get pictures of a quaint little town on the outskirts of the Estrie region. What you do find are articles linking Asbestos to cancer.
But, and I’m quoting Shakespeare here, what’s in a name? The people of Asbestos voted to change its name to Val-des-Sources, so does that erase all of the town’s history?
I don’t think it does, although a petition circulating online would disagree with me completely. I tend to believe that people don’t forget where they come from. Asbestos will live on in memory.
And honestly, this seems like something that was bound to happen. Residents have fought for a name change for several years.

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