When women lead: Harvey teaches growth through strict discipline

When women lead:  Harvey teaches growth through strict discipline
(Photo : Courtesy of Theresa Graham)

By Marianne Lassonde
Special to The Record

When remembering university, many think back to the parties, the late nights cramming for a midterm and the friendships they built. Some, however, choose to remember the time they earned their professor’s respect through hard work and discipline.
For many Bishop’s University drama students, that professor was Mary Harvey. Still baby-faced and fresh out of high school, she introduced them to professional theatre and pushed them towards achieving their personal best – even if it meant she had to tear down their ego beforehand.
“I was definitely scared of her at first,” laughed Theresa Graham, a fourth-year drama student. “This woman is not playing around. You do not mess with Mary Harvey.”
Harvey began her teaching career at Bishop’s University a decade ago and almost by accident. According to her, she had just finished performing in a show with the Centaur Theatre Company in Montreal, when Greg Tuck, a former Bishop’s theatre professor, approached her with a job proposition.

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