Where’s Ruth?

By Gordon Lambie

In September of 2018 the CIUSSS de L’Estrie CHUS dedicated the main entry hall of its Fleurimont Hospital to the memory of Ruth Elkas Atto, choosing the longtime volunteer, teacher, and nursing program director to begin a tradition of naming spaces within the local healthcare network after great volunteers. A ceremony was held, and a plaque was unveiled. A little over a year later, that plaque is nowhere to be found in the entryway, which raises the question: where did it go? According to CIUSSS communications representative Genvieve Lemay, the plaque was removed at the request of Board of Directors President Jacques Fortier, who did not feel it did justice to the role that Elkas Atto played in the community. Lemay clarified, however, that a new version of the plaque will be made and reinstalled in the entryway in a more prominent way. See full story in the Monday, Nov. 25 edition of The Record.

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