Who wants to go to dirt camp?

By Gordon Lambie
Who wants to go to dirt camp?

Summer is the season of camps. Day camps, sleep away camps, and themed camps of all kinds welcome their first campers of the year sometimes just days after schools close their doors for the summer and don’t stop until the season starts winding down into autumn.

This summer, Dirt Camp in Bromont is turning 20.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, Dirt camp is not a camp about dirt. The 7-18 year old participants in the camp will likely get dirty over the course of the summer, but they will do so sitting on their mountain bikes as they speed down trails that have been cut into the sides of Mount Brome over the years.

“We’re right on the mountain,” said Dirt Camp Director Jeff Silas, explaining that the camp runs from June 26 to August 19, six days a week. “The main program runs for most of the weeks in the summer.”
Though Dirt camp now welcomes hundreds of participants across its various age levels every year, Silas said that its beginnings were far more humble.

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