Who’s on the ballot in the Townships

Who’s on the ballot in the Townships

By Gordon Lambie

Candidate registration for the 2021 federal election officially closed as of 2 p.m. on Monday, meaning that Canadian voters now have a definitive list of what names will be on the ballot September 20.
What follows is the list of candidates registered in each of the ridings in the Eastern Townships (in alphabetical order by party), according to Elections Canada.

Brome Missisquoi
Incumbent- Liberal Party of Canada: Lyne Besette (who is not running for re-election)
Bloc Quebecois: Marilou Alarie
Christian Heritage Party of Canada: Susanne Lefebvre
Conservative Party of Canada: Vincent Duhamel
Free Party Canada: Maryse Richard
Independent: Dany Desjardins
Liberal Party of Canada: Pascale St-Onge
New Democratic Party of Canada: Andrew Panton
People’s Party of Canada: Alexis Stogowski
Veterans Coalition Party of Canada: Lawrence Cotton

Incumbent- Liberal Party of Canada: Maire-Claude Bibeau
Bloc Quebecois: Nathalie Bresse
Conservative Party of Canada: Pierre Tremblay
Green Party of Canada: Sylvain Dodier
Independent: Sylvain Longpre
New Democratic Party of Canada: Geneva Allen
People’s Party of Canada: Yves Bourassa

Incumbent- Bloc Quebecois: Martin Champoux
Animal Protection Party of Canada: Lucas Munger
Conservative Party of Canada: Nathalie Clermont
Free Party Canada: Josee Joyal
Independent: Sylvain Marcoux
Liberal Party of Canada: Mustapha Berri
New Democratic Party of Canada: François Choquette
Incumbent- Conservative Party of Canada: Luc Berthold
Bloc Quebecois: Eric Labonte
Independent: Gloriane Blais
Liberal Party of Canada: Adam Lukofsky
New Democratic Party of Canada: Mathieu Boisvert
People’s Party of Canada: Jonathan Gagnon
Richmond- Arthabaska
Incumbent- Conservative Party of Canada: Alain Rayes
Bloc Quebecois: Diego Scalzo
Free Party Canada: Louis Richard
Liberal Party of Canada: Alexandre Desmarais
New Democratic Party of Canada: Natael Bureau
Parti Rhinocéros Party- Marjolaine Delisle
People’s Party of Canada: Nadine Fougeron
Incumbent- Bloc Quebecois: Andréanne Larouche
Conservative Party of Canada: Céline Lalancette
Green Party of Canada: Mathieu Morin
Liberal Party of Canada: Pierre Breton
New Democratic Party of Canada: Patrick Jasmin
Parti pour l’independence du Quebec: Jean-Philippe Beaudry-Graham
People’s Party of Canada: Gerda Schieder

Incumbent- Liberal Party of Canada: Elizabeth Briere
Bloc Quebecois: Ensaf Haidar
Conservative Party of Canada: Andrea Winters
Free Party Canada: Maxime Boivin
Green Party of Canada: Marie-Clarisse Berger
New Democratic Party of Canada: Marika Lalime
People’s Party of Canada: Marcela Niculescu

More details on each riding and its candidates will be available in The Record in the weeks leading up to the election.

Voter cards in the mail
According to a news release issued by Elections Canada on Monday, personalized voter information cards are now in the mail for each registered elector in the lead-up to the Federal election later this month. The card tells electors when and where to vote and has information about the accessibility of their polling station.
All registered electors should receive their card by September 10. The Elections Canada notice states that cards are sent as polling locations are confirmed, but some traditional polling locations are not available during the pandemic. Given the priority to offer safe and accessible polling places, some voters may note a change when their card arrives.
The vast majority of electors are registered and can expect to receive a voter information card at their current address. All electors can check now if they are registered, or register, or update their address by using the Online Voter Registration Service at https://ereg.elections.ca/CWelcome.aspx?lang=e
Electors should contact the Elections Canada office in their electoral district if the name on their card contains an error or if they receive a voter information card for a deceased person or someone who does not live at their address.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the location of some polling stations may change after the voter information cards are mailed. Whenever possible, electors assigned to such polling stations will receive another voter information card with the words “Replacement Card” printed on the bottom right corner.
To vote, electors must show proof of identity and address. The voter information card may be used as proof of address at the polls. Electors must use it with another piece of accepted ID to prove their identity, such as your driver’s licence or any other card issued by a Canadian government (federal, provincial/territorial or local) with your photo, name and current address. A full list of accepted identification methods is available on the Elections Canada website.
Electors do not need to bring their voter information card to the polls in order to vote, but are encouraged to do so for faster service.
Anyone eligible can still vote if they declare their identity and address in writing and have someone who knows them and who is assigned to their polling station vouch for them. The voucher must be able to prove their identity and address. A person can vouch for only one person (except in long-term care facilities).

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