Why is the pool closed? A breakdown of what can close your local swimming hole

By Gordon Lambie

Despite the fact that the City of Sherbrooke extended the hours of its public pools over the weekend to give residents more access to cool water during the oppressive heat, the municipal pools at the Saint-Alphonse-de-Ligouri and Alfred-Élie-Dufresne Parks were closed for the day on Saturday. According to François Salvail, Recreation Coordinator with Sherbrooke’s Division of Sports and Events, the decision to close the pool was unfortunate but necessary after staff found evidence of liquid fecal matter on the life jackets just before closing Friday evening. “It was unfortunate, because with organic, liquid fecal matter we have to close the pool for 24 hours,” Salvail said, explaining that the timeline has to do with decontamination and is mandated by the Regulation respecting safety in public baths, which is a part of Quebec’s Building Act. See full story in the Tuesday, July 23 edition of The Record.

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