Windsor continuing to adjust its COVID response

Record Staff

In news that comes as a disappointment but not a surprise to local bargain hunters, the Town of Windsor has joined its neighbouring municipalities in declaring 2020 a yard and garage-sale free year.
Given the fact that it is unlikely everyone wishing to host such a sale would be prepared to take the necessary sanitary measures needed to respect provincial health guidelines, the municipality has decided to forbid the sales altogether.
Offering some good news to balance out the bad, however, the community has shared that the home delivery service being offered by its Patrick-Dignan municipal library has been extremely successful. According to information provided by the town, 125 deliveries have been made to different parts of Windsor, Saint-François-Xavier-de-Brompton and Val-Joli. For the time being, those taking out books are invited to hold on to them as the book return chute remains inaccessible.
Finally, the municipality has also launched a new initiative aimed at supporting its residents who are 70 years old or older but not living in a retirement home.
“The well-being of our seniors is at the heart of our concerns and it is important to ensure that our residents are supported in this period when isolation can weigh heavily on their quality of life and mental health,” said Windsor Mayor Sylvie Bureau. “It is our responsibility to be present and to help them get through this difficult time as much as possible.”
A team of resource people will work closely with the town to contact those residents in the target age-range over the coming weeks and will refer people with particular needs to local organizations better equipped to help them.

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