World March of Women launches 2020 action plan

By Gordon Lambie

A large group of women representing 24 different partner organizations gathered together at Sherbrooke’s Depot Street Siboire to launch this year’s activities related to the Marche Mondiale des Femmes, or World March of Women. United by a slogan which translates to “resist to live, march to transform,” the organizations collectively outlined five positions they intend to defend over the coming year with the aim of improving conditions for girls and women around the world. Viviane Doré-Nadeau, the Director of Concertaction Femmes Estrie, the roundtable group coordinating the events, explained that the five demands all relate to different challenges that broadly or specifically impact the lives of women. “There is one to eradicate poverty, another to eradicate violence, another regarding migrant, immigrant and racialized women, one for climate justice and access to clean drinking water, and a fifth in solidarity with indigenous women,” she said, explaining that although some of the ideas might seem more generally applicable than just to women, it is because those issues impact women more distinctly than their male counterparts. See full story in the Wednesday, March 5 edition of The Record.

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