Young Bar of Montreal hosts 34th free legal advice weekend

By Matthew Sylvester, Special to The Record

This weekend the Young Bar of Montreal (YBM) is offering a free legal helpline for anyone living in the province of Quebec. Between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday a team of volunteer lawyers and notaries will be available to answer any legal questions Quebeckers might have, absolutely free.
“This edition aims to inform citizens about creative and participatory solutions to their legal questions. Lawyers aid and assist the parties in finding solutions to their disputes. We want to inform and advise citizens on various alternative methods of dispute prevention and resolution processes in order to direct them to the appropriate solutions when it applies to their dilemma, “ said Mtre Mylène Lemieux, president of the YBM.
The YBM is an association of over 5,000 young lawyers in the Montreal region who advocate for the legal community as a whole. One of their primary driving interests is to provide people throughout Quebec with the legal aid and knowledge necessary to be able to represent their own interests effectively.
Over 100 lawyers and notaries, along with other volunteers, will be available on both Saturday and Sunday to answer any and all legal questions from Quebecers, no matter their location, financial situation or age. This weekend’s 34th edition of the help line puts the process of participatory justice in the limelight by informing the population on several methods of going through the dispute prevention and resolution process.
“We get an average of 1,500 calls per edition but this summer we’re aiming to answer more than 2,000,” said Lemieux. She explained that the majority of calls received by the organization during their temporary helpline’s uptime are related to family law, neighbourly relations, consumer goods, labour, and the management of estates.
Here’s how it works: after calling in at 1 (819) 779-6232 during the organization’s hours, a caller is connected to a receptionist specifically qualified in law. That receptionist will then gather a summary of the situation described by the caller and connect them with the right lawyer to answer their questions with as much efficiency and accuracy as possible.
“Citizens can count on lawyers to find a solution that is appropriate and satisfactory to their problem,” said Paul-Matthieu Grondin, Chairman of the Bar of Quebec. “More than 15 years ago, the Bar of Quebec was promoting ways of preventing and resolving disputes. We continue to support participatory justice as a primary avenue for access to justice with reduced time and cost.”
YBM has been operating its legal helpline for over 30 years. Besides the helpline, the organization offers other legal aid services to the public, including a free appointment-based consultation service every Wednesday, as well as guides and a question answering service for anyone looking for guidance to help them through the court process. More information on the public services they offer can be found at

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