Zoo-Animation Estrie hosting march break activities for kids

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Zoo-Animation Estrie hosting march break activities for kids
(Photo : Zoo-Animation Estrie)

Starting Sunday, Feb. 27, Zoo-Animation Estrie will be holding a week filled with events for kids and adults alike. Established three years ago, La Relâche 2022 will be the organization’s second attempt to welcoming children to their farm. “We planned out Relâche 2021 last year, but we were forced to cancel it due to Covid regulations,” explained Marie-Claude Labbé, Owner of Zoo-Animation Estrie. The cancellation disappointed Labbé as she and the organization spent a lot of time planning the event. With restrictions being lowered and with march break just around the corner, Zoo-Animation Estrie is looking forward to welcoming children to their farm over the march break.

“There are activities planned for every day,” said Labbé, adding “There are some days where we will have activities specifically for children and others for the whole family, for example our familial brunches or our treasure hunts for the kids.” Each activity will be centered around supporting and welcoming nature. Whether it is hiking through the numerous forest trails on their 21 acres of property or spending time with their expansive collection of animals such as horses, dogs, rabbits chinchillas and many more, there are plenty of activities available to take part in. The purpose of the week is to get children and families out of the house and into nature. As the events will be held outdoors, the events will be dependent on both temperature and the weather, but Labbé is hopeful that the events will remain outdoors. “It’s really the contact and connection with our animals and nature that is beneficial for them,” explained Labbé, elaborating further with, “It’s not only healthy to be doing activities outdoors, but also an education process where children can learn while enjoying themselves.”

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