Allen proud of a positive campaign

By Gordon Lambie
Allen proud of a positive campaign

Sherbrooke’s Liberal Party candidate, Tom Allen, gave a positive review of his electoral campaign on Thursday afternoon, saying that he feels the Liberals have made a distinct impression in the city over the last four months. Though admitting that the work has been an uphill battle in a riding that has not seen Liberal representation since the mid 1980’s, Allen said that he is proud of the work he and his team have accomplished.

“For the first time in a long time,” the candidate said, “the people of Sherbrooke have a chance to vote for something rather than against something.”

Allen said he wants to see Sherbrooke continue to develop its entrepreneurship in order to continue to grow its role as a city of innovation in the region. Stating that he intends to be very active in the time following the election, the Liberal representative stated an intention to engage right away with getting the riding as much of the party’s promised $125 million in infrastructure investment as possible.

Though some have questioned the Liberals’ stated intention of running deficits in a time of economic strain, Allen said that the government has a responsibility to stimulate the economy and that the Liberals’ promised investments represent their commitment to live up to that responsibility.

Asked what happens to his dedication and commitment to the community should the Liberals lose in Sherbrooke rather than winning, Allen said that he wasn’t even considering the possibility.

“Why would I?” the candidate said, then stating that he feels the campaign has put every effort into creating a winning formula for him this coming Monday night. “No matter which way things go I have no regrets.”

Falling back on familiar football thinking, Allen said that the ball was now in the hands of the electorate and what comes next is up to them.

“The question is,” the candidate said, “Do you want to get on the bus or do you want to stay on the sidewalk?”

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