Bishop’s students bring home business case prize

By Gordon Lambie

A team of four Bishop’s University Students came out on top at the 2020 NIBS Worldwide Case Competition in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany last week. Working together, team members Noah Jepson, Maxim Jacques, Cecil Belanger, Kelly Poirier beat out 15 other teams from ten different countries to provide what was judged as the best solution to a business case study. “They’re given a case study, which could be anywhere between ten and 20 pages long, of a company experiencing a business challenge. The students are sequestered, locked into a room, with two computers, four textbooks, and their brains, essentially, and tasked to come up with strategic recommendations to solve this business problem in either three or four hours,” explained Charlene Marion, who was present to coach the team alongside BU professor Bill Robson. See full story in the Wednesday, March 11 edition of The Record.

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