Centraide Estrie surpasses fundraising goal with over $2.5 million In donations

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Centraide Estrie surpasses fundraising goal with over $2.5 million In donations
(Photo : Centraide Estrie)

Centraide Estrie has exceeded its $2.225 million objective by raising $2,532,438 during its latest fundraising campaign.

Last year, Centraide Estrie exceeded the $2 million goal for the first time since its creation in 1975. This year, the organization blew past its ambitious goal and raised an impressive additional $500,000 as the campaign came to a close.

Centraide Estrie mobilizes the community and brings together resources to help improve the living conditions of disadvantaged and vulnerable people, in partnership with community agencies directly involved with the clients.

“Every year we try to exceed the previous campaign amount, but we never could have predicted such an increase,” commented Julie Laplante, Campaign Chair and Branch Manager at BMO Bank of Montreal in a press release announcing the news. “This resounding success is made possible by the admirable work accomplished by the members of the firm, the many volunteers in the workplace and the Centraide Estrie team, whom I sincerely thank,” Laplante said.
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