Downtown Sherbrooke construction about to get worse

By Gordon Lambie

The City of Sherbrooke is warning drivers with the tendency to travel along Wellington Street North to be wary of upcoming major work in that area as the excavations currently underway on Meadow Street move west. Due to the large equipment needed for the deep excavation and the fact that Meadow intersects with Wellington, the majority of the downtown street will need to be closed to traffic entirely for a minimum of four weeks. “It is a necessary evil,” said Sherbrooke Mayor Steve Lussier. “We need to be able to do this work.” Although the work on Meadow was known to be moving ahead, Caroline Gravel, the city’s director of urban infrastructure, said that new workplace health and safety rules resulted in a change to the amount of additional space the city had to set aside for the work. See full story in the Wednesday, Sept. 11 edition of The Record.

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