Sherbrooke Police enhance presence with Bike Patrol Officers

Sherbrooke Police enhance presence with Bike Patrol Officers
Sherbrooke Police Service Bike Patrol Officers gathered for a press conference in Lucien-Blanchard Park (Photo : William Crooks)

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

The Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) announced June 11 in Lucien-Blanchard Park that bike patrol officers will be highly visible across various city sectors. In addition to the Community Safety Officers, Operational Support Officers and Homeless Outreach Team members will now be equipped with bicycles, according to a same day release.

Community Safety Officers have been patrolling the city’s bike paths and parks during the summer months for several years. They provide safety advice during interactions with citizens and use this opportunity to answer questions related to cycling network sharing, regulations, and other concerns.

To ensure a harmonious coexistence among road users, bike path users, and park visitors, and to provide a safe environment in compliance with current laws and standards, the mandate of operational support bike patrol officers will be based on three key action areas aligned with the section’s mission.

They will enforce municipal regulations and the Highway Safety Code on city roads, bike paths, and parks; manage the new reality of motorized personal transport devices, such as electric scooters, within the city; and participate in police operations where bicycles will be advantageous for mission success, without reducing the involvement of Community Safety and Homeless Outreach bike patrol officers.

These dedicated Homeless Outreach Team officers use bicycles to access known camping sites efficiently, working alongside health and social community partners. They also patrol the downtown area, engaging with citizens concerned about homelessness and other social coexistence issues, to enhance the overall sense of security for all residents.

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On the scene, SPS Inspector of Territorial Surveillance Sylvain Petit further outlined the initiative and its purpose.

One of the primary uses of these bicycles will be for patrolling parks. The “Security in Parks” team has been assigned the task of engaging with park wardens and performing preventive measures. Their mission includes identifying and addressing issues or problems within the parks. This team has been utilizing bicycles for several years, but the recent expansion to other teams marks a significant development.

In a new move, the team dedicated to working with homeless populations will now use bicycles to reach vulnerable individuals more effectively.

“The bikes will make it easier for us to access sites and encampments,” said Petit.

“Previously, it was sometimes challenging to fulfill our mandate using patrol cars, but bicycles will make us more accessible.”

The operational support team will also benefit from this initiative. Their mission involves enforcing regulations on roadways and bike paths to ensure harmonious coexistence among users. They will focus on ensuring the safety of the road network for citizens, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

“The best way to enforce norms and regulations is through our presence,” said Petit.

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