Housing headaches for new students in Lennoxville

Housing headaches for new students in Lennoxville
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By Michael Boriero

There are more than 100 students on the waiting list for residence at Champlain College Lennoxville this year, and unlike previous years, most of them will be forced to look for housing elsewhere, as one of the residence buildings is undergoing renovations until next year.
When Jessica Brown’s 17-year-old daughter, Bianca Beaulne, was accepted into the nursing program in April, she automatically assumed that there would be availability on campus. However, Brown quickly learned that her daughter was way down on the waiting list.
“After doing more digging we were told there was absolutely no way she was going to get into residence this year. We started looking for apartments right away, which, honestly, it was a lot easier to find an apartment in downtown Montreal, even with a housing crisis,” she said.
According to Brown, who is a real estate agent, she didn’t anticipate the housing crunch in Lennoxville. There was almost nothing left, Brown explained, referring to apartment availability in the town, and most of the landlords either failed to answer or took too long to reply.
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