Lennoxville Elementary students getting into gardening

Lennoxville Elementary students getting into gardening
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

By Gordon Lambie

Lennoxville Elementary School’s mixed age class has been busy this spring planning, preparing and planting the beds of a new community garden.
“We’ve got strawberries, ground cherries, lemon cucumbers, carrots, potatoes and beets,” said Kari Bryan, one of the students involved with the project, naming just a few of the plants now growing in the school garden. “Everything was basically planted two weeks ago.”
Bryan, joined by classmates Lyana Rodgers, Sienna Ballard, and Michael Henderson, explained that the garden as it appears today is the product of months of work and preparation.
“We started in the winter,” Henderson said, with Rodgers explaining that, “We separated into groups and all had certain jobs we had to do.”
Where some groups discussed what would be best to plant, others talked about how to arrange the different plots and maintain the garden space.

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