Lennoxville Maxi officially opens!

Lennoxville Maxi officially opens!
Maxi representatives, local politicians, and local school representatives celebrate Lennoxville Maxi’s official opening with Store Manager Robert Lafond donating $2,500 in snacks to local schools (Photo : William Crooks)

Store Manager donates $2,500 in snacks to local schools

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

Maxi has officially unveiled its latest store concept in Lennoxville after several weeks of renovations. The 16,000-square-foot store, representing a multi-million-dollar investment, held its opening ceremony on the snowy day of April 4. To celebrate the opening and show support for the community, Store Manager Robert Lafond donated $2,500 worth of snacks to three local schools.

Lafond, Maxi Vice President Patrick Blanchette, City Councillor and Lennoxville Borough President Claude Charron, and Borough Councillor Jennifer Garfat were in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony, along with representatives from Alexander Galt Regional High School, Lennoxville Elementary School, and École Saint-Antoine.

Formerly a Provigo, Lafond said the new Maxi already sees much more traffic than it did previously, though some patrons miss the “fresh food section” where items like hot chicken and french fries were available. Charron said he has heard positive feedback from Lennoxville residents, who he said used to use the Provigo as a depanneur and do their “big shopping” elsewhere.

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