Local community hero gives update on hip surgery

Local community hero gives update on hip surgery

By Bird Bouchard


Nearly two months following a hip surgery, a local community hero says he’s recovering well.

On Feb. 28, Robert ‘Bob’ Halsall received his surgery at a private clinic in Montreal after a nearly five-year wait in the public sector.

Halsall said the process was a quick one, highlighting the fact the clinic kept him for just under 24 hours since he checked in. Within an hour of waking up from surgery, he ate lunch and immediately started physiotherapy.

“I was walking within three hours of the operation,” said Halsall. “The operation went very smoothly and I can only say nice things about the clinic.”

Once home, the 67-year-old said he began a long recovery process. He added he spent two and a half weeks living in his bedroom watching a lot of television.

Having been involved with the Pipers hockey team for 49 years, Halsall admitted spending two weeks in his bedroom while he was recovering was a difficult task both physically and mentally. He said he felt stressed that he couldn’t be around to help out with the team.

“I didn’t realize how much an operation takes out of you,” said Halsall. “I just wanted to be able to do what I was doing before.”

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