Mold decontamination fraud in Sherbrooke

Record Staff
Mold decontamination fraud in Sherbrooke

The Sherbrooke Police Service urges caution as there is currently a private company that has been circulating in the area soliciting for the past few days. This company is offering to decontaminate mould (specifically in attics), raising fears of serious health problems if nothing is done. The “representatives” of the company have been showing up at homes without having an appointment and they are very insistent.

It should be noted that door-to-door solicitation for profit or otherwise is prohibited in the City of Sherbrooke unless a permit or authorization has been requested and obtained from the Finance Department.

The City recommends that citizens demand to see this permit or authorization when they are solicited at their home. If there is any doubt as to whether or not the municipal regulations in this regard are being respected, do not hesitate to contact the Sherbrooke Police Department at 819 821-5555.

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