Mon Shack residents adding a splash of colour to their lives

By Gordon Lambie
Mon Shack residents adding a splash of colour to their lives
Anthony Tardif, Jessica Martel, Josée Parent, Victoria Elliot-Roy, and Boris Biberdzic working on the mural behind the Mon Shack building on College Street. (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

The residents of Mon Shack, the supervised apartment space for young people living with mental health challenges in Lennoxville, are inviting the public to come join them in a community art project. Bothered by the dull grey wall behind their building, the tenants decided to reach out to the city of Sherbrooke’s Tag and Graffiti committee to propose a project aimed at brightening up their lives. Now, with the support of the city and the help of local graffiti artist Boris Biberdzic, the residents are painting a mural on the wall and encouraging anyone interested to come and help out. “It’s a long wall,” said Mon Shack founder and Executive Director Josée Parent, noting that although the priming and painting work got started on Wednesday, she does not expect the project to be completely finished before Friday. See full story in the Thursday, July 11 edition of The Record.

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