Monthly Lennoxville borough meeting

Monthly Lennoxville borough meeting
The Lennoxville Borough Councillors, and two Bishop’s University students who attended to practice their French

Snow removal, parking and local events discussed

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

Snow removal, parking issues on College Street and many upcoming local events highlighted the Lennoxville Borough’s monthly council meeting Nov. 28. Beginning at 5 p.m., Borough President Claude Charron presided over the nearly hour-long meeting with seven local residents in attendance.

Question period began with a complaint from a resident on Speid Street concerning snow being plowed onto her property from a neighbouring apartment building’s parking lot. The problem has lasted years, but became pressing when she recently installed a plastic snow-fence in the area. She circulated pictures of the problem to the council members.

Although she installed a sign saying ‘private property, no snow dumping permitted’, they have continued to plow snow there, right up against her fence, ripping it apart. “I just want them to respect the property line,” she explained.

Charron asserted that the apartment building is privately owned, so what the contracted snowplows do is not the responsibility of the town; conflicts between citizens can be resolved using a mediation service that avoids lawyers. He suggested a real fence could be installed, but the woman insisted such a fence would just be damaged itself and cause her more problems. Charron noted that the new fence would count as a “shared expense”, so the apartment building owner would have a personal interest in its maintenance. Charron suggested the apartment building owner’s phone number could be ascertained through finding the lot number on the town’s website.

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