More ways to walk in Sherbrooke

Record Staff

The City of Sherbrooke formally opened its walking trails in the Beckett Woods, the Réal-D.-Carbonneau Marsh, and Mont-Bellevue Park on Saturday. Although people have already been frequenting each of the parks for daily recreation over the past few weeks, the announcement on the part of the city marks the beginning of the high season for outdoor activity in Sherbooke.
Despite the formal announcement, the structures at the three parks will remain closed and people visiting the trails are still expected to respect social distancing guidelines. The mountain biking trails on Mont-Bellevue will also remain off-limits during the spring thaw. Noting that the marsh walk includes boardwalks where it would be impossible to maintain a two metre distance between people passing in opposite directions, walkers are asked to travel in a clockwise direction only for the time being.
The city’s other major outdoor attraction, the Magog River Gorge walkway, is still officially closed to allow for needed repairs after the winter. Given the dimensions of those walkways, it is foreseeable that they will also be subject to one-way traffic upon opening.

Published in the Monday, April 27 edition of The Record.

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