Odanak Flag raised on Bishop’s University Campus

Odanak Flag raised on Bishop’s University Campus

By Bird Bouchard


Located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Abenaki People, the Odanak flag has been raised on Bishop’s University Campus.

Odanak Chief Richard O’Bomsawin and Bishop’s University Principal and Vice-Chancellor Michael Goldbloom were joined by a group of hundreds of people in a ceremony to raise the Odanak flag in front of the campus on Tuesday morning.

“To see this flag raised, we know everyone will acknowledge from here on out, this is Abenaki territory,” said Odanak Chief Richard O’Bomsawin. “This land means a lot to our people, and you have been the caretakers for a long time. We thank you.”

Explaining the meaning behind the flag, O’Bomsawin said it’s important to understand flags were not something the Abenaki People had.

O’Bomsawin said flags were not always nice, highlighting when newcomers arrived, they would plant their flag and say ‘this is ours’.


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