Online Bishop’s Forum hailed as a success

By Gordon Lambie

Yolande James, the Director of the Bishop’s forum, told The Record that she is feeling relief and excitement for the future following the conclusion of this week’s online event.
“I was beyond what I’d hoped it could be,” she said, sharing that although the youth planning team was unfazed, she had been feeling uncertain about the changes involved in moving what is normally a large face-to-face gathering online. “Mind you I still am looking forward to when we can do it in person,” she added. “I’m not advocating for a virtual forum, but It really worked out well.”
Concerned about whether or not participants would be able to achieve the same level of connection and engagement with the activities in a virtual space, James said she was struck by how well everything went.
“We had over 50 participants and they stayed engaged throughout the four days,” the organizer said.
James credited the participants for making their event a success, but also the coaches, guest speakers, youth advisory committee who all played their own important parts.
“All of the panellists were very generous with their own experience and wanted to hear from the formers themselves,” James said. “It was an exchange.”
Looking to the future, the forum director said that she thinks that this experience has involved lessons and tools that will be valuable for future in-person gatherings. In particular she shared that the event may have been able to reach more geographical regions of the province than previously because people were not limited by having to physically travel to the Bishop’s campus.


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