Pressure on King, Bourque to increase with new projects

Pressure on King, Bourque to increase with new projects
Cutline: The area where Galt West divides into Denault and Galt West will be the site of the next major traffic disruptions due to construction in Sherbrooke. (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

By Gordon Lambie

The City of Sherbrooke announced two new road works projects due to start later this week that will likely add to the pressure already placed on King Street and Bourque Boulevard by other work already underway.
According to David Bombardier, the representative of the city’s communications staff delegated to public works for the construction season, paving work is set to take place for at least a week and a half beginning Wednesday, June 1, on Galt Street West between Saint-Gérard and the intersection with McManamy/Kitchener as well as on Denault between Galt West and Edward-Rose.
“There will be major slow-downs and complete closures on certain days,” Bombardier said, pointing out that the work will be done at the point where the two directional avenue divides into westbound traffic on Denault and eastbound traffic on Galt West. Because work needs to take place on both branches of the fork, the flow of traffic on any given day might be unpredictable in the sector and drivers are encouraged to avoid the area if at all possible until at least June 10.
“As we have repeated for weeks, take King if you can,” Bombardier said.
The second area where significant work is set to take place is at the intersection of Mi-Vallon boulevard and Pavillon Streets in Rock Forest. From June 2 to 6 Mi-Vallon will be closed to traffic completely to allow for the construction of a pedestrian walkway. Given that the boulevard is the main access for a large residential area to get to Bourque Boulevard, Bombardier encouraged drivers in the area to prioritize nearby René-Lévesque for trips in and out of the area during the time this work is taking place.
Although the estimated timeline of the Rock Forest work is only three days, it will need to be repeated in a few weeks’ time so that the work can be completed.
With regard to the work already underway on Galt West between Belvedere and Alexandre, Bombardier said that work is proceeding as expected with no serious delays. He also noted that the city is “a few weeks,” away from major repaving work on Portland Boulevard that will divert more cars onto King Street. Asked for more specifics, the communications rep said that the work is expected to start at some time in July.
Drivers in the city are encouraged to continue to consult Sherbrooke’s interactive public works map to plan their routes around town. The online tool can be found at

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